Complete Communities

Complete Lifetime Communities Defined

TerraTrust communities are not just four walls and a roof repeated side by side, street by street; our complete communities feature distinctive neighbourhoods designed to fit into their natural environment — not the other way around.

These communities are strategically and thoughtfully planned to consider resident needs by incorporating the qualities one would hope to find when considering moving into a new neighbourhood — connection, nearby amenities, employment opportunities, as well as access to good schools, healthy food, green spaces and recreational facilities.

TerraTrust communities cater to a diverse range of residents in every stage of life, regardless of financial circumstances. Plus, TerraTrust communities are prepared for the future. Our communities are not only energy efficient, but they give residents the option to walk, jog or bike to school or work on bike-friendly paths and walking trails thereby reducing reliance on cars.

It’s about quality of life. And at TerraTrust we build communities for people to live, work and play, but most of all, thrive.

Complete Communities

Design for People

TerraTrust communities offer multiple residential, community and commercial spaces to rent or own including single-family homes, semi-detached, row townhouses, condos and apartment buildings – all designed with the latest eco-friendly technologies and materials.

We have choices that will fit anyone’s space or financial requirements. Pocket neighborhoods for example, are groups of smaller homes clustered around a shared greenspace such as a courtyard or a community garden. Residents feel a greater sense of community while achieving an affordable, yet distinctive, housing solution.

A nearby “downtown” — which includes typical services like restaurants, cafés, and shopping — offers ground-floor commercial spaces with residential units above.

Plus, TerraTrust communities are built using sustainable development practices to reduce their ecological footprint as well as maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Smart Sizing and SolarMax Designs

Smart-sizing is making the intelligent decision to balance lifestyle with your square footage requirements. Own the home you want while minimizing your capital, maintenance and operating costs. You will also benefit from more green space on your lot, better curb appeal and increased home value.

Most families find that less is more. Look around your existing residence and note any wasted space. By prioritizing according to room usage and spatial requirements, you can create a strategic floor plan that promotes great living.

In a TerraTrust Community, you will have a quality-built, highly energy-efficient home that is built to last. The first step to energy independence is a home plan that, while looking like a traditional home, focuses on passive-solar concepts such as solar orientation, south-facing windows, proper roof overhangs, etc…

Every TerraTrust community is built following our architectural guidelines and design principles with an ultimate goal of energy independence that our building partners must follow. This includes our three eco-design principles to achieve energy independence:


Smart House


A properly positioned home with precise roof overhangs and south-facing windows can save 30% on winter heating costs by acquiring energy from the sun. Passive solar design also ensures that building materials can collect, store, release or repel heat, depending on the season.

Smart Sizing

Consider how much space you actually need. Balancing your lifestyle requirements with your square-footage can reduce capital, maintenance and operating costs while increasing lot size, curb appeal and value of your home.

Energy Efficiencies

Solar orientation is useless if you’re losing energy in other ways. Every TerraTrust home is designed and built with the latest energy-saving eco-technologies which eventually pay for themselves.

Energy Efficiency and ComfortMax Buildings

The Second Step to energy independence is the efficiency of the building structure. Through architectural guidelines and covenants, we focus on:

  • Wall construction techniques
  • Super-insulation
  • Air tightness
  • Thermal Mass
  • Heating and Coolling system efficiency
  • Lighting Efficiency
Complete Communities


Sensible Energy and Renewable Technologies

The Third Step to energy independence is of course the integration of renewable energy technologies, such as:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity from the sun
  • Ground-source heat pumps to capture the earth’s energy to heat and cool and interior spaces
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Shared energy systems (neighborhood and community scaled systems)
  • Energy monitoring, sensing and control systems

Trees, Plants, Gardens and Parks

  • Street trees and landscaping
  • Trails, paths and greenways
  • Bioswales and storm-water systems
  • Parks and greenspace
  • Backyard community gardens
Complete Communities