SunTerrace Meadows, Swift Current SK

SunTerrace Meadows is a planned destination community in Swift Current, SK.

It is a complete community inclusive of single-family homes, townhouses, garden-home condos, multi-unit dwellings and neighbourhood commercial businesses.

In its entirety of almost 160 acres, SunTerrace Meadows will be comprised of the following:

  • Over 250 single­‐family homes,
  • A variety of “street­‐facing townhouses”,
  • Pocket neighborhoods, or “gated communities” of grouped townhouses,
  • 2 large multi‐unit properties (condos or apartments),
  • 8.5 acres of Neighborhood Commercial properties which could combine small businesses and multi­‐unit residential properties in “live-­work” developments, and
  • 22.75 acres of Highway Commercial properties for businesses such as grocery and retail.

The first 40+/- acres, otherwise known as Phase 1, has been designed to include:

  • 10.5+ Acres of Highway Commercial space for businesses such as a hotel, retail stores, etc.,
  • 2.75+ Acres of Neighborhood Commercial space for mixed-use commercial and residential,
  • 1.4+ Acres of High-Density Residential space for multi-unit residential buildings,
  • 15 Serviced Lots for Row-Type Town-Houses,
  • 44 Serviced Lots for Single-Family Homes,
  • 4.5+ Acres of Park Space for Municipal Reserve and Community Use.