Riverbend, Saskatoon SK


A vision for a sustainable rural community

Imagine having the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of the great outdoors right outside your front door. Imagine being able to enjoy the advantages of country living while knowing that all the amenities of a city are just minutes away. Imagine having room to run and play, discover and reflect, gather and celebrate.

RiverBend proposes to be a vibrant new neighbourhood with a winsome rural/urban identity. For those seeking an inspired approach to community living, RiverBend’s blend of welcoming urban design, environmental responsibility and recreational innovation, set in the context of the natural beauty of Saskatchewan Prairie in the rural municipality of Corman Park, is sure to please.


An alternative to conventional suburban living

Nestled in a picturesque bend of the South Saskatchewan River, less than five kilometers north of the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, RiverBend is a community with an innovative design which aspires to meet the basic principles of environmental and social sustainability. It is a complete community which includes acres of intriguing parks and greenspaces, innovative public recreation facilities, opportunity for local businesses and community organizations and a variety of housing options meant to accommodate the dreams of a wide range of homebuyers.

What makes Riverbend unique?


A Complete Community

In addition to the housing diversity provided in its residential neighbourhoods, RiverBend features commercial convenience, employment opportunities, original rec spaces and destination public amenities.


Distinct Neighbourhood Cells

Eight distinct residential cells exist within the RiverBend community concept. A unique character is established for each neighbourhood through the inclusion of common spaces, public amenities, an array of housing types and varying street network design.


A Strong Central Corridor

A prominent central corridor provides convenient and efficient traffic movement in and out of the heart of the community. RiverBend Boulevard connects residents to the river and invites the general public to enjoy the community’s innovative amenities.


Expansive Green Space

An expansive green space network dominates the RiverBend plan and shapes the community’s character. Open spaces of varying scales provide the opportunity for a wide array of active and passive recreational pursuits, while beautifying RiverBend’s neighbourhoods and complementing its beautiful rural setting.


Respect For the Land

Careful consideration was given to existing landforms, vegetation stands and other natural features which exist on the RiverBend lands in the creation of the plan. The ultimate design respects and enhances these natural features and the rural character of the area.


Focus on Sustainability

RiverBend is focused on sustainable design and a reduced impact on the environment. Low-Impact Development in public greenspaces, solar-orientation of residential areas and a central energy-monitoring hub are three examples of progressive conservation-based strategies which are incorporated in the plan.


Dare to explore the outdoors

Recreation trends have shifted recently in favour of non-structured pursuits in a natural setting and away from organized sports. Other outdoor activities seeing an increase in popularity include festivals and cultural events. Many parks in the planning stages today include venues such as amphitheatres.

RiverBend provides attractions for the whole family including community green spaces, urban forests and shared walking trails. Found atop the riverbank escarpment, the Riverwalk pedestrian trail system also offers visitors unparalleled views of the South Saskatchewan river and the prairie beyond. ‘The Wash’ is an outdoor aquatic recreation area that offers the opportunity for an outdoor education site, canoe/kayak training facility or fishing pond that is open for use by the general public.